Friday, February 11, 2011

Buy "Release The Butterfly" by Richard Rose

RELEASE THE BUTTERFLY is a fast-paced, geo-political, science-based, military thriller drawn from real life in a piece of literary work author Richard Rose has dubbed 'Science Faction.' 

In his debut novel, the veteran journalist channels H.G. Wells and Tom Clancy to tell a story seemingly ripped straight from the headlines.

America has just elected its first woman president, independent candidate Lydia Cortez-Simpson. The daughter of a conservative Texas cattleman and his 'illegal' mexican domestic, Cortez-Simpson's vicious political campaign toughens her for the fight of her life against an out-of-control military dictator who has seized control of China and launched a pre-emptive invasion of Taiwan.

'General X' is a misguided, philosophically minded 'patriot' determined to restore China's past glory. Ruthless to the core, General X 'demonstrates' China's nuclear prowess in horrifying fashion and President Cortez-Simpson quickly finds herself in an eyeball-to-eyeball nuclear confrontation. Worse yet, General X has schemed with the disillusioned chief scientist of the Geneva Institute to obtain a fearsome new weapon borne from the world's most powerful particle collider.

President Cortez-Simpson turns to Parker James, a spy who can beat you with both his fists and his brains. In a race against time, James teams up with brilliant Taiwanese-American scientist, Doctor Lillian Tong, to thwart Doctor Z's plans to place this planet-killing weapon in General X's hands.

In the end, nature itself provides a surprising, decisive twist as the reader is taken on a journey into cutting-edge science and military hardware. Dark matter energy is discovered even as time itself is 'unraveled' in a world where satellite trackers can find terrorists anywhere on the planet by just their DNA, essentially ending the war on terror.

But it's only the beginning of the possibilities for humankind to discover new ways to destroy life as we know it.

Release the Butterfly