Thursday, December 23, 2010

About Richard Rose, Author of "Release the Butterfly"

Richard Rose is an award-winning New York City based TV journalist who has covered stories all across the country and abroad. 

The Brooklyn native is a former investigative reporter who has chronicled his work with first-hand reporting from secret military facilities including NORAD inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado and M-X missile silos in Western Nebraska. 

Richard Rose has been invited aboard aircraft carriers (the USS Saratoga and USS John F. Kennedy) and other naval ships (USS Sullivan) as well as inside numerous air and army bases to see for himself the military hardware he describes in his first novel, "Release The Butterfly". 

Richard Rose has also reported in-depth on particle accelerator colliders in Switzerland (CERN) and at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. 

Richard Rose has vetted his work with the actual scientists working on the real-life Atlas Project in Geneva who have told Rose that his work of fiction is both "plausible and scientifically based."

Find out why Richard Rose is known as "Long Island's Anchor" in this interview in the Farmingdale Observer.

Release the Butterfly
by Richard Rose

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